Dear clients,
        Thank you for your trust and choosing us as your miner supplier.
        This page will introduce you to the quality assurance of the mining machine.
        Skycorp has been strictly controlling the quality of mining machines, and has now reached a pass rate of 99%, and is working towards 100%.There are three types of machines on the market
        ① Brand new machine: Brand new machine means brand new mining machine, plastic bag, foam, official packaging carton and the SN code on the outer box. The warranty time of the machine can be checked on the machine organ network through the SN code. Of course, if you are not worried about the brand-new machine, we will send you an unpacking video and a test video of the machine.
       ②Second-hand machines: Second-hand machines are machines that have been used for a period of time. After you purchase the machine, these free services will be completed before delivery (machine cleaning, computing power detection, and test video sent to you).
      ③Refurbished machines: Refurbishment is to update everything except the power board of the machine. This technology has been able to achieve 99% refurbishment, and the quality of second-hand machines after refurbishment is more reassuring.
Thank you!!!!!